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GoDonut Plus+ 360 Red
  • GoDonut Plus+ 360 Red

GODONUT PLUS+ 360 Swivel Set Red

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$20.00 USD
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1 Red "GoDonut Plus+" with 1 "360 Swivel" Attachment.

Enjoy your device virtually anywhere with the GoDonut Plus+ 360: a portable yet durable stand for your smartphones and tablets. The GoDonut Plus+ works with thicker devices and heavy duty cases (thicker than ½”), keeping them secure for watching videos, following recipes, making calls, and more. It also includes a charging cable slot and large grooves that allow you to swipe with ease. The 360 Swivel attaches to the bottom of your GoDonut Plus+ allowing it to rotate 360 degrees. It’s great for sharing your screen, making a presentation, or for including multiple people on your video call. It comes with a lock for when you don’t want it to spin, and it’s easy to take on and off the GoDonut Plus+. All this expertly crafted, patented, and proudly made in America making it a high-quality product safe for people of all ages.



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